Want to Know the Secret to the Best Cup of Coffee?

Start with the best coffee beans in Richland, Plainwell & Kalamazoo, MI

There's nothing better than a hot cup of joe - except for a hot cup of joe made from Java Jones Roasters beans. Based in Richland, MI, we use wood-roasting techniques to produce smooth, exquisitely flavored coffee that we can ship anywhere in the United States.

Our roaster has been in business for over a decade, so you know these coffee beans are perfectly prepared. Shop our selection today.

Gourmet Beans From Around the Globe

Our coffee beans are internationally sourced and locally roasted in Richland, MI

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Tired of bitter beans? Switch to better beans.

When it comes to getting the best flavor from coffee beans, our process makes all the difference. At Java Jones Roasters, our master coffee bean roaster:

Uses a rustic roasting style, heating the beans over a wood and charcoal fire
Roasts the beans to perfection and packages them in micro-batches
Sells the smooth-tasting, fire-roasted coffee beans at local farmers markets in Kalamazoo, Saugatuck and South Haven, MI.

Check out our Events page to find out when we'll be at a market near you.

Coffee is happiness in a cup

Coffee should spread joy, from the coffee farmer to the coffee drinker. That's why Java Jones Roasters sources only small-batch coffee beans that are ethically grown in:

  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Haiti
  • Guatemala
  • Ethiopia
  • Indonesia
  • Sumatra
  • Java

Start spreading the joy today by ordering from our local coffee bean roaster in Richland, MI.